M.U. 15 Sagittarius


The Sagittarius is an all-in-one communicator that has an innovative patented Mesa Ideas body. The side handles allow it to be positioned with extreme ease even at critical angles, the entire casing safeguards the internal electronics, like an easily replaceable protective shell. Furthermore, it weighs less than 3 kg, and it is perfect to use in bed, even though its light weight allows it to be used on wheelchairs.



The degree of error between the observed point and the one detected by Sagittarius is 0.5.

Operating distance

The devise can be used at a distance between 50 and 80 cm.

Freedom of movement

The user’s movement space, within which the device can be used with ease, is included in a volume of 40 cm x 30 cm x 70 cm.


The capacity of the device to repeat the measurement frequency is 0.3.


Under user request, the device can be customized. Customization can be about software component, hardware, or design. 

Alternative input devices (ISO 22.36.12)

Prescription codes included in the basic configuration

ISO Dynamic communicator
ISO Software for augmentative communication
ISO Eye mouse emulator
ISO Voice synthesizer
ISO Programmable remote control
ISO Articulated support arm for control sensors